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Mitsubishi Breakdown Service

Emergency Breakdown Service

Even the most reliable vehicle can occasionally have a sudden or unexplained problem. KAAR Mitsubishi’s fully qualified and experienced mobile mechanics provide an emergency roadside breakdown service throughout Auckland. We can often rectify your vehicle issue within minutes, however, where a more complex repair is required, we will arrange to have your vehicle towed to our West Auckland garage.

Roadside Breakdown Repairs and Servicing

The typical roadside vehicle issues which our mobile mechanics are called out to include:

  • Failure to start,
  • Misfiring engines or stalling,
  • Starter motor or alternator issues,
  • Overheating and radiator problems,
  • Problems with a vehicle’s coil or distributor,
  • Fuse issues,
  • Fuel pumps,
  • Dashboard warning lights,
  • Flat batteries / battery replacement,
  • Brake issues,
  • Wheel bearing noises,
  • Broken cambelts,
  • Diagnosing intermittent faults,
  • Servicing needs.

We can even service your car at the same time as we take care of your breakdown.

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PHONE – 0800 522 734 during normal business hours for the KAAR Emergency Breakdown Service