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Mobile Warranty Servicing for your Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Motors has appointed KAAR Mitsubishi as a fully-approved Mitsubishi repair and service centre.  That means, we can fulfil the Mitsubishi warranty checks on your vehicle.  And, with our fleet of KAAR Mitsubishi mobile workshops, we can give your Mitsubishi its regular warranty checks at your place or your workplace.

Fulfill your Mitsubishi Warranty Checks and Servicing

If you have a new or near new Mitsubishi, it will have come with a warranty booklet that details the regular servicing it requires.  Note also, all servicing must be carried out by a Mitsubishi-approved service centre.

KAAR Mitsubishi, West Auckland, and KAAR Mitsubishi Mobile are Mitsubishi-approved servicers and repairers.  Your vehicle is in great hands, and your warranty is protected.

Click here to book a KAAR Mitsubishi mobile service auto-technician.

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